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Here's how we can help.

comprehensive services to suit every facet of your financial well-being.


What does retirement look like to you?  By looking at your current cash flow along with your future responsibilities, we will determine what you will need to retire comfortably.  This customized plan will integrate both your employer-sponsored retirement and personal accounts, making the most of your total assets.


Participating in the market is about utilizing your assets to reach your long-term goals.  We will work together to match the proper investments to fit your objectives, while maintaining an appropriate level of risk exposure.  As life evolves, we will make modifications as necessary to pursue your financial and investment goals.


It's never too early to establish a future plan for your estate.  By evaluating your investments and insurance policies, we will develop a well-defined plan to ensure your assets are properly allocated so your loved ones are taken care of.  Additionally, we coordinate with tax and legal advisers to develop strategies that will potentially minimize your exposure to estate taxes and probate costs.


Whether you already have current insurance policies in place or are seeking to implement new coverage, our knowledge in life, disability, and long-term care insurance will ensure your financial future is well protected from unexpected life occurrences.  We will evaluate your present situation and potential risks while continuing to monitor your evolving needs so you always have the most optimal plan in place.


Every business owner knows attracting and retaining qualified employees can largely depend on implementing optimal benefit packages.  Our team understands that each individual business requires a plan tailored specifically to suit both their employees and their business model.


Your legacy holds great meaning.  Between your family, faith, charities and alma mater, there are many critical factors to consider when gifting assets to the most cherished people and organizations in your life.  Whether it's sending your RMD (required minimum distribution) directly to a charity, creating a donor-advised fund, or utilizing life insurance, we will facilitate a flexible way to allocate donations while considering tax advantages and cost savings. 


The first consultation with every client is always free.  At this meeting we will evaluate your unique needs and establish which path is right for your goals and objectives.  This will dictate whether a fee-based or commission-based structure will best serve you.  Most importantly, we strive to deliver the highest level of transparency through every step of the process.

Start Planning

We have been proudly serving as trusted financial advisors in Saginaw, Michigan and the surrounding areas since 1981.  Please reach out to discuss any of our services or to schedule an appointment.  We look forward to meeting with you!